Thursday, 4 September 2008

Life at MCAD

So, the work is finally piling on, the feeling of being on holiday is drifting away, and I'm embracing a new intense work style. I feel pretty amateur here as pretty much all the illustration students work really stylised or on computers and seem to know loads about everything. Maybe they will like my crude and primitive drawings of old men. I'm enjoying all my classes, but finding it hard to adjust to being a complete beginner in animation and trying though- should be a pro when i get home!
Been on a few bike rides at dawn with my flatmate to a nearby lake which has been brisk but beautiful. Currently am waiting for my new screen to arrive because im DYING to start screenprinting......

'facial flushing'

'blue vision'

(both from a project about the after effects of viagra that had to be done using watercolour)

grinding my litho stone- this took 2 1/2 hours, I have one big arm now

my desk. I'm still waiting desperately for a studio, so might have a new work space soon.

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