Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cecil and Ada

This has been my favourite ever find at a fleamarket. A suitcase full of about 100 letters dating between 1957-59 between two sweethearts, Cecil and Ada, who appear to have written religiously every few days to each other until their marriage. Although I find it sad that something as precious as this would turn up for sale on a market stall, I am secretly pleased that they have come into my possession! Haven't managed to read through many yet but the few I have are fascinating. Can't wait to do a project with these...
I found Cecil's interest in Ada's possibly transparent nightie, and desire to rub her cold ridden chest, particularly amusing.

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maggie said...

what a great find! i have been lucky enough to find a letter or two blowing around in the street on paper recycling day, but never ever a trunk full with a story line. wow!

Bronwyn Opland said...

I love this so much! I seriously think you should try and find out what happened to them!
Let us know if cecil has any more saucy secrets! XXX