Friday, 17 February 2012

Charms and Miracles

As part of the 'Miracles and Charms' exhibitions at The Wellcome Collection (go and see them - they end soon and are wonderful!) I went to an evening of talks and films about the ideas and practices surrounding pilgrimage. It was a really interesting and inspiring evening making me consider the secular pilgrimages and acts that we practice in our own some respect we all made a pilgrimage to the wellcome trust and the bookshop and cafe became the souvenir shops of lourdes for one night...
When I got home I watched this film (click on the link above) about contemporary amulets and the significance of objects, which I found particularly interesting as someone who hoardes to no end and am consistently fascinated by the idea of superstition and that people can bestow such a belief on to an object or action.
I love being able to display my hoardings and look at them and I find a lot of my visual inspiration comes from the way I display and rearrange the things I hang on my walls and display on my shelves, and to some extent would value these objects as much more precious then more financially valuable things I own (computer, camera, phone etc). But, when I really think about it - I could live without these...however like the people in the film there are a few very small, but very certain things I could never let go of, or would be devastated if they were lost. For me, these are the letters I have stored (along with the gifts, if any, that came with them) for years from friends and family...some of which I can remember word for word and remind me of a time or feeling in my life. I don't particularly bestow any superstition or expect any protection from these objects, as you would a talisman or amulet but feel they still hold great significance to me now and I expect will in years to come.

p.s I will update my blog with new work soon...there is lots in the making...

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