Thursday, 1 March 2012


For those of you who don't know I have recently moved to London and have thrown myself into the abundance of culture and work whole-heartedly! I am working on several commissions at the moment but here are a few things I have managed to fit in between which I have found particularly inspiring!

Broadside day at Cecil Sharp House was a particularly inspiring and insightful day exploring the printed matter of broadsides and chapbooks headed by the wonderful Steve Roud including a lovely talk about contemporary illustrators and chapbook makers by Desdemona Mcannon.

Columbia Road flower market is my new favourite Sunday morning stroll venue - plus you can get bargain flowers to boot!

Took a trip to the much hyped Shrigley exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and had a bit of a giggle - not a single other person laughed. Much too serious a crowd for my liking!

The words words words scheme at Selfridges has been one of particular interest with the store being taken over with pieces made by designers to celebrate the printed word: a talk hosted by itsnicethat was really interesting - not the sort of people I would normally listen to/research so opened up my mindset a bit more to what people are doing! Particularly loved the innovative game designs by Holly Gramazio for Hide&Seek.

A talk at the Wellcome trust (alongside the Charmed exhibition which I can't celebrate enough) about 'the king's evil' was brilliant - I have read a lot about the superstition that the monarchs were believed to be able to cure 'scrofula' - it was great to hear much more and get to handle an original golden touchpiece!

Lots of other things going on inbetween but these were a few highlights - will update with some work soon!

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