Saturday, 3 March 2012


I am very pleased to have an illustration in this months brilliant Selvedge magazine about the (predominantly 1960's) fabric CRIMPLENE! I'll have to get my shockingly bright blue crimplene jacket out sometime soon if the weather stays nice for longer than a day!
And make sure if you are in London to take a trip to the Selvedge Spring Fair at the end of the month - it is sure to provide some desirables!


Polly Leonard said...

Hello Alice, Thank you for creating the illustration for us! We were so pleased and I'm sure our readers will enjoy reading about you in the contributors section too. Thanks so much, Polly and the Selvedge team

Andrew Pattullo said...

We have just got the latest Selvedge with the illustration in; looks great with your colours on the matte paper!

Andrew @ ARP Design