Wednesday, 4 July 2012

British Design at the V and A

I went to see the British design exhibition at the V and A a little while ago but I would urge you all to go ( I believe it is on for around another month). A sort of retrospective of various aspects of British design from 1948-2012 that is sure to make you feel country proud!
Probably obviously, I was enthralled by the first 20-30 years of the exhibition which showed some fantastic pieces from some of my favourite designers and artists: Edwards Bawdem Kenneth Rowntree, John Piper, Abram Games David Gentleman....the list goes on! I also thought the posters for Milton Keynes were funny!

They had also designed a great shop to go with the exhibition with lovely vintage printed teatowels and a great selection of books relating to the exhibition....tricky to resist everything! And don't forget - you can get my Good Luck Guide in the V and A shop too!

*All images from the V and A collections archive*

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