Friday, 12 October 2012

Arthur Bispo do Rosario at The V and A

I had a nice day off wandering around London with my mother yesterday - I had been waiting for her to come so we could go to this together and it did not let us down - a collection of works by 'outsider' artist Arthur Bispo do Rosario. Rosario spent most of his adult life in psychiatric hospitals; he was admitted after after seeing a vision of blue angels and was consequently declared as a schizophrenic. A lot of his work included skittish embroidery and binding and naive woodwork to create sculptural pieces and flat 'wall hangings'. My favourite in the show was a set of bound sceptres and embroidered sashes for the different Miss Universe entries - each sceptre had a beauty queen wearing her sash embroidered on to the end!(see the picture here) I instantly wanted to embroider and whittle as soon as I left! It is only on for a few more weeks , so make sure to visit if you have time!

Images taken from the V&A website.