Tuesday, 9 October 2012

V & A : The Curious Attributes of the Shoe

I am pleased to reveal a new print I was commissioned to design for the V & A Museum. It is A3, 3 colour, an edition of 200 and only £25 to boot. Go buy one on their website NOW! I was given the freedom to do whatever I wanted so I chose to focus on the V & A's dedication to championing the craft and skill of real tradesmen and craftsmen within its collections. Many of the pieces in V&A's collection might be disregarded as something 'commonplace' or 'ordinary' but can really be spotlighted as collection of vernacular arts. With this in mind I chose to concentrate on an everyday object: the shoe, which requires a level of expertise to be created but can often be overlooked. For this screen print I researched in to the superstitions, peculiarites and phrases that are linked with the shoe to create (what I hope is) a humorous composite celebrating its attributes!

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