Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Design for Today

I thought I would follow up my post about my Bantam Picture Book with a bit more information about 'Design for Today' and the book 'Noel Carrington, Nothing need be Ugly'.
This book will be the first major study (and celebration) of Carrington's life in publishing and design, written by Joe Pearson. Joe has set up 'Design for Today' as a vehicle to publish the book, the name providing a welcome nod to a magazine edited by Carrington in the 1930s/40s. If like me, you have an interest in mid-century design and illustration you will have come across Carrington's work whether you are aware of it or not. (I have much of the work he commissioned sitting on my walls and bookshelves and hadn't really been aware till now!) An incredibly influential commissioner, editor and publisher, he was the man responsible for bringing us Eric Ravillious' 'High Street', Kathleen Hale's 'Orlando' series as well as the Puffin Picture book series. Across his career he spent time at Oxford University Press, Country Life, Kynoch and Puffin aswell as founding Royle publications which became a hugely successful greetings card and calendar manufacturers. During WW2 Carrington continued publishing children's books, but under his own imprint 'Transatlantic Arts' which included the production of the pocket sized, ephemeral Bantam Picture Books. He often would use the illustrators and artists he was commissioning for Puffin for his Bantams. Joe has chosen to pay homage to these 1940s books by commissioning current illustrators/ printmakers to produce modern Bantams. Aswell as myself there are going to be books produced by Emily Sutton, Liz Loveless and Jonny Hannah.
'Noel Carrington, Nothing need be Ugly' will be printed at Northend Press, 224 pages and cloth bound, in a limited edition of 275 copies. 125 will be available as a special edition, provided in a solander box along with a folder of the 4 modern day Bantams Picture Books. It is to be published in October.
I direct you to DESIGN FOR TODAY for more information and to reserve your copy of the book.
*images from Design for Today and English Modernism*

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