Tuesday, 14 May 2013

At Last!

Little Toller Books have re-published the wonderful 'Unsophisticated Arts' by Barbara Jones. Readers of this blog will be aware of what a fan of Barbara Jones I am and what an inspiration her work has been on my own practice. I have been searching for an old copy of this for years but to no avail - or otherwise vastly out of my justifiable price range! But now I can finally browse these pages whenever I want instead of endlessly renewing library copies.

'The Unsophisticated Arts' provides a documentation of everyday 'popular' art of Britain during the 1940s including visual and written commentary on fairgrounds, tattoo parlours and river barges alike.
A revision of the original, this copy contains a foreword by Peter Blake and an introduction by Simon Costin as well as previously unpublished ephemera and art from Barbara Jone's studio. I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the post.

If you have never come across this book I urge you to buy a copy and if you are in London don't forget to visit the 'Black Eyes and Lemonade' exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery.
Also have a look at Ruth Guilding's interest post about Barbara Jones on her website: www.thebibleofbritishtaste.co.uk

*images from littletoller.co.uk*

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