Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Whitby Whaling

Have just been up to Cambridgeshire to sign and retrieve my prints from the Curwen Studio where they have been busy printing them. I am so pleased with this collaboration - they have been great to work with and we have achieved some really vibrant and powerful colours.
Having spent a lot of childhood holidays in Whitby I decided to produce a print looking at the maritime history of whaling in the Whitby area and the associated superstitions to this activity.

Just a small signed edition of 30, they are 4 colour lithographs, 54 x 74cm and £175 each. Each is embossed with the Curwen Studio seal. Please email me at alice@alicepattullo.com if you are interesting in purchasing one.

(Apologies for the slightly poor quality of the full image - a tricky one to photograph!)

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