Monday, 11 November 2013

A Time From The World - Rowena Farre

I had a great time over the summer working on this book for Little Toller which is now available to purchase over on their website. Here is a selection of the chapter headings I provided throughout the book of which one (chapter 6) is now available as a limited edition print over on Little Toller's website.
The book tells the story of the author who split her life between studying at art school in London and spending time among different Gypsy communities across the country. It provides a sensitive observation on two very different ways of living and reveals the rewarding friendships, freedom and love she found whilst taking 'A Time From The World'.
If you weren't already aware of it Little Toller also republished the wonderful (and one of my favourite books) 'Unsophisticated Arts' by Barbara Jones earlier in the year.