Monday, 12 September 2016

An Animal ABC - process

Continued from last week...

As I work quite a lot in screen print within my personal work I wanted to produce a series of prints where I drew the layers completely by hand (as often for time and ease I work with a combination of hand drawn elements and photoshop composites). I decided to start with a simple ABC as a starting point, and chose ‘animals’ as the subject so I could enjoy playing with mark making and textures to build up the variety of animal’s skins and furs and feathers.
I always draw in black and white using a combination of brush and indian ink, black acrylic and white ink sometimes working inversely onto black. I often paint pages of marks and textures which I can then cut out and collage together, working with a lightbox to pre-empt how the layers of the screenprint will come together.
However at this point I did scan in the layers so I could digitally (i.e quickly) see how the colours would sit together, and add the type, before preparing my drawings as acetates to be exposed on to screens.

Above you can see some of my schemings for which animals to draw, very quick composition sketches and the ink drawings for the layers.

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