Saturday, 31 October 2009


Me and my friend Alex recently did an animation together. It is pretty shoddy and doesn't make much sense, but we had fun and it makes me laugh so I thought I would share.

EDIT- Found out this didn't play!It does now!

Cecil and Ada

This has been my favourite ever find at a fleamarket. A suitcase full of about 100 letters dating between 1957-59 between two sweethearts, Cecil and Ada, who appear to have written religiously every few days to each other until their marriage. Although I find it sad that something as precious as this would turn up for sale on a market stall, I am secretly pleased that they have come into my possession! Haven't managed to read through many yet but the few I have are fascinating. Can't wait to do a project with these...
I found Cecil's interest in Ada's possibly transparent nightie, and desire to rub her cold ridden chest, particularly amusing.

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Guy Maddin

I just remember what got my hooked on hair in the first place. It was a scene in My Winnipeg that was in an old hairdressers. Brilliant film. Check it out.

Between the cradle and the grave lies a haircut and a shave

I have been reading a book called 'One thousand beards; a cultural history of facial hair' by Allan Peterkin, and so have been making some collages inspired by growing and cutting hair. Along the way I have found some interesting facts like- A fifteen year old boy will trim thirty feet of beard by the time he is eighty, a man has 2500 whiskers, and 90 percent of men shave.
And my favourite quote ' The glory of a man's face is his beard'. Too right.


A1 screenprint inspired by the word hypnotism. Bad photo taken on my bedroom floor!