Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spitalfields Life

I had a lovely feature over on Spitalfields Life yesterday - so just wanted to say a big thanks to TGA for writing such nice words and being such an advocate for my work! I feel greatly flattered to be featured on my favourite blog! If you don't know Spitalfields Life have a look HERE and subscribe to the daily email - then you will have a treat in your inbox every morning!

Images courtesy of Spitalfields Life.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A Lovely weekend

Had a rare weekend off and took advantage of the time doing as much as I could in few days with my Dad who was down for a southern break! I am glad the sun held out!

 Went to the British Design exhibition at the V and A - wonderful! I particularly liked the design of the 1940's/50's featuring all my favourites - John Piper, Edward Bawden, Abram Games etc. Then returned for Friday lates to listen to Emma Bridgewater and Matthew Rice discuss their career making china for Emma Bridgewater. Visited the St Judes in the city exhibition - lovely to see the new prints and collages I hadn't seen by Angie Lewin, Emily Sutton and Mark Hearld - and great to see it all in a new venue- I have been many a time to the little gallery in Itteringham! Had a saturday market day in East London, trialling food and buying treats along the way. Was EXTREMELY pleased to come across this Barbara Jones (I think my favourite illustrator...) book discussing 'This or That' as well as a Puffin picture book to add to my collection - this one beautifully illustrated by Clarke Hutton. Then had a little wander around Little Venice, admiring the rooftoop gardens on the canal boats and not admiring the very grotty canal water! Revisited the BRAINS exhibition at the Wellcome Collection (EVERY exhibition there is perfectly executed with a brilliant level of design alongside an intriguing subject matter) - particularly interesting this time having just finished 'The underground Man' by Mick Jackson. (A Brilliant book if you have ever heard the story of Duke William John Cavendish-Bentinck-Scott!)  If you have read this and you are in London - have a look at the trepanning kit in the exhibition! After a lot of culture, spent Sunday eating cake and looking at pictures at April and Tim's open house and lying on Brighton beach with a cold beer with Rosie. (who incidently has updated her website - it is looking LOVELY)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Harvest Of The Sea

This is the last of a few new images I am releasing at the moment. This one was inspired by the tradition of the Harvest of the Sea festival linked with London's Billingsgate fish Market. Each year on the Second Sunday of October the nearby church is decorated with various pieces of nautical paraphernalia as well as a laid out design of fish and seafood provided by the Billingsgate market traders. Sadly this year the structure of the market was changed when the City of London abolished the fish porters of the market (who have been in existence since 1699) by withdrawing their licences to replace them with cheaper casual labour. Hopefully despite these changes, traditions such as these will stay alive.
This will be available as a screenprint to purchase very shortly.

Friday, 25 May 2012

The Spirit of the Ship

Another new image produced is 'The spirit of the Ship'. I am obsessed at the moment with the colour combination of lilac and chartreuse - it is so good!
Anyway - the figurehead of a ship is traditionally considered to be the spirit or 'soul' of the ship it is featured on and so should be treated with the utmost respect. She was used to provide the ship with eyes to guide it through storms. There is also a superstition that a storm can be lulled by a woman uncovering her body out at sea, so often figureheads were women draped with cloths or even just naked. Ironically it is actually considered bad luck to have a woman onboard a ship.
This will be available as a screenprint to purchase very shortly.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Worshipful Company of Glovers

This is the next image in my Worshipful Company' series showing the Glovers company. The company have a vast collection of intricately detailed, hand-made and embroidered gloves held by the Glove Collection Trust. A great online catalogue of these can be found here - many have been included in to the drawing! I would quite like at some point along this process to learn each skill and make a product for each one! This will be available as a screenprint to purchase very shortly.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Worshipful Company of Basketmakers

A little while ago I declared I was going to embark on illustrating all of the London livery companies (all 108).....I now have completed two. It may be a long journey ahead but I am really enjoying researching and producing images celebrating the skill and craft that the livery companies represent. This is the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers featuring Gog and Magog (the giants that are the guardians of the city of London) that often join the Lord Mayor's Show in London each year as wicker effigies of themselves. Each company has a guild design which can be seen here tattooed onto the basketmakers arms. This will be available as a screenprint to purchase very shortly.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cecil Sharp House

I have been working on the new promotional material for Cecil Sharp House over the last month or so for their Autumn/Winter events. This is the first of a set of three - the gigs flier. Get yourself down to one of these events as it is a lovely venue!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Well Dressing

A sketchbook drawing from something I am working on at the moment.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mother and Baby

I recently did an illustration for mother and baby magazine to accompany an article about where is best to dine out with your baby!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ministry of Frogs

I just received my copy of the much awaited Ministry of Frogs publication compiled and edited by the wonderful Desdemona McCannon. It is a (beautifully designed and printed) publication which aims to 'document and celebrate a sensibility in contemporary illustration, art and design, which has been inspired by traditional and popular art. This issue includes work by a host of talented and inspiring artists including Jonny Hannah, Emily Sutton, Cornelia O Donavan and Desdemona herself! I am very pleased to be featured and look forward to future issues!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Delight Night

I will be hosting a charm and amulet making workshop at Scarborough Art Gallery next week for 'Delight  Night' as part of the museums at night event that is taking place nationally. One week today on Friday May 18th from 6-10 with charms, music, cocktails, and performances it is sure to be a good night! This is an example of what you can try your hand at making!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Lucky Black Cat

Lucky Black Cat tea towel is back in stock and only £10 - send me
an email if you are interested in purchasing one! alice@alicepattullo.com

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Creative Chain

After being chosen as an inspiration to friend and uber illustrator Andres Guzman I became part of the 'creative chain' on Felt and Wire.  You can read about my part of the chain HERE including why Dre is inspired by my work and in turn why the work of Rosie Gainsborough inspires me. An interesting and intriguing project allowing a little insight into the inspiration of some of your favourite creatives!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

AT Open House

I will once again be showing some prints at AT open house (42 Hendon Street) for the open house season in Brighton. They will be open every weekend in May starting THIS weekend! Have a look at their website HERE for up to date events and a full list of artists exhibiting - heads up...they have fantastic cakes and April and Tim's house is a dream for the nosy interiors lover!