Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bow-Wow Pie

I made this image a little while ago and am hoping to get it risographed soon too....I like the way that using these primary colours gives it a sort of 1940's lithographed children's book the same vein as someone like Clarke Hutton.
Anyway, it is about the legend of the bow-wow pie (also known as puppy dog pies) that relates to the tradition of Church clypping in Painswick in the cotswolds. It is tale of rivalry and revenge between two towns...this is just one variation.

Once upon a time there were two sisters, each who had a lover from another town. The distance meant their sweethearts only visited very occasionally, but when they did the sisters would back all sorts of cakes and pies for their arrival to prove what wonderful housewives they would be. However, they soon discovered the irregular visits were because their suitors were really in love with two other maidens from a neighbouring town. As revenge, when their suitors next came to visit they baked a most marvellous pie. As it was so tasty the suitors asked for the recipe, only for the sisters to reveal with malice, that is was made from tow puppy dogs. The young men fled in horror, leaving the sisters triumphant in their vengeance. These days, the first bow-wow pie, as it has since been named, is celebrated each year on feast day with a fruit pie full of china puppies and a large china dog placed on top.

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