Friday, 6 July 2012

Grayson Perry - In the Best Possible Taste

I am sure you all watched Grayson's channel 4 mini series exploring the UK's popular tastes across the classes 'In the best possible taste'. If you didn't catch up on 4od HERE. I thought it was a brilliant - thought provoking and intriguing as always and prompted many debates/ conversations/ arguments amongst friends about class distinction which is always interesting...I am not ashamed to admit I am indefinitely middle class.

Anyway I went to see the finished tapestries about a month ago which are on display at the Victoria Miro gallery in London (for about another month). I am generally not so taken by Perry's somewhat gaudy tapestries over his pots, drawings and his role as curator which have a much more immediate and tactile sense of craft and commitment to them but actually as I spent time looking at these I grew to appreciate them more for their fantastic sense of social commentary and story telling. And in fact having watched the programmes they are quite representative translations of Perry's initial felt pen drawings (which I love!), a couple of which are on display. I was also quite excited by the fact that Perry admitted he often draws from google....something I think many artists/ illustrators probably do but feel like they shouldn't admit!

*All images taken from the Victoria Miro website*

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