Friday, 28 September 2012

Things you get for free

Earlier in the year I was commissioned by SCRIBE publishing to produce a new cover for Michael McGirr's 'Things you get for Free' - it just came in the post today and looks great! I worked with a brilliant art director who loves working with printmakers and printing with pantones so the resulting book looks really punchy and graphic - I am very pleased!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek at various things I have been working on lately to show I haven't been idle. Will let you see the whole thing once they are all released/published/produced! Intriguing huh? You can barely see what is going on at all...

Rose Wylie

I recently came across the work of this artist after recently having to do some research about the Hastings Jerwood Gallery where she exhibited. I won't attempt to write an intelligent and compelling discussion about her art but here is an interesting article to read and in 2010 Germain Greer named her as the hot new artist to watch - I should point out that Rose Wylie is now 77. Anyway, here are some photos of her wonderful work - it has a really great stylised, naive and illustrative feel to it, and although it looks like it could be a tiny editorial illustration, they are actually huge canvas paintings- it kind of reminds me of Chris Johanson's unsophisticated, colourful and intriguing paintings which I also love. Images from

The Bible of British Taste

A while back I was photographed and chatted to the wonderful Ruth Guilding who has recently created and curated this fantastic website: THE BIBLE OF BRITISH TASTE. You can look at the photos of my collections and work here, but make sure to look at everything else as well...I wish I could go on some of her travels with her - looks like she has captured some amazing things and people. She told me about a visit to Marthe Armitage's house in Chiswick and I was, and am still absolutely in awe of her fantastic portfolio of handprinted wallpapers. It is pretty cool that her wallpaper was used in 'Woman in Black' too! Make sure to keep checking in for updates - they are sure to be an inspiration. Thanks Ruth!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Found this in my notebook - trying to brand myself...

Rotary Walk Artisan Market

I did this poster for Designers/Makers new market venture: The 'Artisan Market' on Rotary Walk. It is a while off but I hear there is tables going still so you should get in touch and get involved if you have some wonderful artisan wares to share! December will come round in no time anyway!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Emma Mason: British Prints

I will be exhibiting some of my prints in this exhibition organised by the Emma Mason gallery in Eastbourne. Exhibiting prints with a theme of myth,tradition, and folklore, and featuring work of artist's such as Robert Tavener, Bernard Cheese, Tom Frost, Emily Sutton, Sarah Young, Mark Hearld et al, it will coincide with the opening of The museum of British Folklore curated exhibition at the Towner Gallery: 'Collective Observations: Folklore & Photography from Benjamin Stone to Flickr.' We better all book a weekend of folk in October - they are both sure to be great!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Selvedge Winter Fair

I was very flattered to be asked to design this years poster for the Selvedge Winter Fair. It looks great in print in the most recent publication. If you want to go - all the info is on the poster above! It is sure to be a good one to pick up early xmas presents or just a treat for yourself!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Vernacular Arts

Thanks to Elliott at Victory Press for riso printing these for me. Inspired by various pieces in the collections at the V&A. This is A3, a signed edition of 35, and is 3 colour. If your interested in purchasing one they are £24 like my Mudlarks print. Send me an email if you are interested: If you would like both a mudlarks AND a vernacular you can have them both for £40 until the end of this week (16/9/12)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

October Coast

While by the coast, I spotted October's issue of Coast is out - I haven't got mine yet but here are some of the illustrations I did for the articles. In situ photos can come later...

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Whitstable Bienalle Day 6 and 7

So, sadly my time in Whitstable has come to end, and I have had to leave the sea behind and return to lousy London. I forgot to take photos of my last few days of work, and I left the prints behind temporarily so here is a digital image of what I did. ( I will post photos of the originals next week) The Sailor's Alphabet is an A2, 3 Colour print which was the last in the Whitstable/Sea shanty series, and just because I had time I made a print of my 'see a pin' pincushion, which is just little.A BIG THANKYOU goes to Suki and the Print Block for keeping me entertained all week!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Whitstable Bienalle Day 5

Another day, another print. This one is printed on  25 x 25cm, 4 colour and is £36. On sale at the Print Block and Frank. While I have been drawing and printing, Suki has been working on a commissioned edition for me - there is 2 racks this full...and a few more colours to go!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Whitstable Bienalle Day 4

Frank's window is looking a little busier today! Have had a drawing day down in the studio today but there will be a new print ready and waiting for sale tomorrow!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Whitstable Bienalle Day 3

A productive day at the Print Block today with 3 new prints, again which will be on sale at both The Print Block and Frank during the Bienalle. The two Scrimshaw images are 30 x 30cm, 3 colour and £42 each (and part of an on-going series that includes the pin cushion heart from yesterday), and 'Merrily, Merrily' is printed on A2, 4 colour and will be £65.

Print Your Own

If you pop down to The Print Block over this week you can come and pull your own diving bell print for just a fiver!

Whitstable Bienalle Day 2

Sailor's pin cushion/love token. 4 colour print, 30x30cm, £42, on sale in both The Print Block and Frank during the Bienalle. 

Whitstable Bienalle Day 1

To-do lists,  works in progress,  preparing screens, Frank window - a work in progress, 'Old Neptune' the first print produced! 4 colour print, 25x25cm, £36, available in The Print Block and Frank during the Bienalle.