Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ethnographic Museum, Krakow

Just a glimpse of some of my favourite things from the brilliant folk collection at the Ethnographic Museum. I'm desperate to use crepe paper for absolutely everything now.


Andrew P said...

Love the "Zyda" mask and the little bored Jesus in the bottom corner of the Mary in the third picture!

bc said...

So timely as i've been thumbing through a 1965 Better Homes and Gardens which features a polish-inspired tree with birds and a lovely paper crowned angel; her gown swooping sideways.
I'm sure anything you create with crepe paper will be outstanding.

Anonymous said...

It's not "Zyda" mask but a "mask of a Jew" - in polish a Jew is called Żyd and the "a" in the end is from inflection - what? Żyd, and whose? Żyda.

The next thing it's not a bored Jesus but a popular subject in polish culture - the Pensive Jesus (Christus im Elend - "Christ in Distress" in German or Jezus Frasobliwy in Polish).