Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Function of Folk- Krakow

I just got back from a few days in Krakow, where I went to see the Function of Folk exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum, which I had the pleasure to display some work in (you can see my case above). The exhibition displayed a wonderful combination of traditional objects chosen from the museum collection alongside contemporary responses to folklore in illustration. Alongside the exhibition there was a symposium of inspiring lectures - I managed to catch day 2 - what stood out most for me was a talk by Pam Smy where she discussed her progress through her sketchbooks when responding to a children's book text. (You can see on her blog she is a prolific observational drawer - she has already posted sketches from her time in Krakow) I particularly enjoyed the fact she wishes she could've been an illustrator in the fifties producing lovely lithographs for puffin - I feel this way too! Also in the exhibition were great works/talks by Lotte Crawford, Melanie Miller and Tongyu Zhou, Amelia Johnstone, Jonny Hannah, Mireille Fauchon and Desdemona McCannon (who organised the whole event) to name but a few!

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