Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

An Easter treat spotted in a window on Columbia Road. Happy Easter!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Black Eyes and Lemonade

Was extremely excited to finally get down to 'Black Eyes and Lemonade' at the Whitechapel gallery today (it has only been open a week but all the same...) - a lot smaller than I had hoped but a delight none the less - with interesting correspondence about the organisation of the original 1951 exhibition, the original drafts for the iconic advertising poster, a selection of Barbara Jone's illustrated books, very few items from the original show ( but including a fireplace shaped like an airedale terrier = brilliant!) and lots of photos of the original show - which made me all the more envious that I was born far too late to have been lucky enough to go! Although small I would highly recommend to any Barbara Jone's fans or anyone with a general interest in folk/popular art - there is some good events associated with the exhibition so I will be making several trips back for sure!
(talking lemon head sadly was not there!)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Homemaker magazine

I have a generous feature in Homemaker magazine this month with interview about my work and practice - have a look if you can! Also an interesting article with Typoretum and regular column from Wayne Hemingway.
*please ignore my disintergrating printing hands*

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Pace Egg Play

A new print (about bloody time I hear you cry!) just in time for Easter. It is about the Yorkshire tradition of Pace Egging plays. It was traditionally performed each year on Good Friday in the Upper Calder Valley area. As far as I know it is still going strong! It was a similar to other mummers plays but the actors would collect eggs as payment due to the season. Pace-egging can also be the act of painting eggs using pressed leaves and natural dyes which would then be used for egg rolling - he whose eggs reached the furthest point in the one piece would be the winner!The print is 5 colours, a limited edition of 25 and is £65. Email me if you are interested in purchasing one: alice@alicepattullo.comI love this old footage from the yorkshire Film Archive of a Pace egg play from the 60's - it proved very inspiring!THE PACE EGG

Whitstable 3 - Ten toes tip tap tapping

Another sneak at what Suki is printing for me in Whitstable.... very excited to see and show you the finished product!Inspired by Cab Calloway's 'Happy Feet' which is what every one should be brightening up their dull Friday morning with if you ask me!'I've got those ten little tip-tap-tapping toes, when they hear a tune I can't control the dancing, dear, to save my soul!'

Whitstable 2

Also did a new colourway of my Cumbrian Wrestling print, exclusive to The Shop Floor Project. This will be in the post up North and on sale as soon as it is dry. Thanks to Karen at the Print Block for the photo as it is still on the racks in Whitstable!

Whitstable 1

I have been working in Whitstable this week at The Print Block on a big print project which I will tell you more of in due course (poor Suki is slaving on that while I am back in London). While I was down I managed to do a new colourway of The Neppy . It is 25x 25cm, a limited edition of 25 and is £36 - do get in touch if you are interested in purchasing one:

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Three Trains Travelling

And another - can you guess what I am working on yet? Looking forward to spending the week in Whitstable next week making this project come to life!

British Murals & Decorative Painting

I seem to be endlessly drowned in work at the moment but managed to pop into this wonderful exhibition at Liss Fine Art on the way back from a meeting the other day. Delightful to see some of the murals I have seen in print so much, in 'real life' in their full size- painterly glory.
My favourites included Mary Adshead's collage 'Stevenson's Locomotion', Barbara Jone's vibrant 'Out in the Hall' and John Piper's fantastic 'The Englishman's home' (quite stunningly different to in print) but I think my favourite was Edward Bawden's 'The English Pub' mural. If anyone has a spare £350,000 and doesn't want to buy a house with it - it could be yours!
Images from Liss Fine Art.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mandy Pattullo - Etsy

My mum has just opened an etsy shop selling some of her textile pieces, prints and brooches. At bargain prices you should check it out. Have a look HERE.


My parents came down last weekend so got a brief break to wander about...a few photos of things seen (thanks to my dad for these - I forgot my camera).
Face vase ( Museum of London), Tiny Legs Doll (Maidstone Museum) Castle Head (Maritime Museum) Dancing Dolly (Maidstone Museum) Shocked (Maidstone Museum) Noahs Ark (Maidstone Museum).