Saturday, 9 March 2013

British Murals & Decorative Painting

I seem to be endlessly drowned in work at the moment but managed to pop into this wonderful exhibition at Liss Fine Art on the way back from a meeting the other day. Delightful to see some of the murals I have seen in print so much, in 'real life' in their full size- painterly glory.
My favourites included Mary Adshead's collage 'Stevenson's Locomotion', Barbara Jone's vibrant 'Out in the Hall' and John Piper's fantastic 'The Englishman's home' (quite stunningly different to in print) but I think my favourite was Edward Bawden's 'The English Pub' mural. If anyone has a spare £350,000 and doesn't want to buy a house with it - it could be yours!
Images from Liss Fine Art.

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