Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Bantam Picture Book

I am delighted to finally show you my finished Bantam Picture Book. Hand screen printed (by the wonderfully patient Suki) at The Print Block for 'Design for Today' - set up by Joe Pearson as a vehicle for publishing his new book which will discuss the often overlooked work within publishing and design of Noel Carrington. 'Noel Carrington, Nothing need be Ugly' is set for publication in October 2013. Expect a beautifully printed and hand bound book (it is being printed at Northend Press) containing an inspiring and thoroughly researched read inside. It is to be a limited edition of 275. 125 of these will be special edition box sets containing a set of 4 Bantam Picture books produced by current day illustrators/printmakers including books by Emily Sutton, Liz Loveless, Jonny Hannah and myself.
I direct you to DESIGN FOR TODAY for more historical context of the Bantam Picture books and more information about what to expect in 'Noel Carrington, Nothing need be Ugly'. 
Lastly I would like to say a quick thankyou to Joe for inviting me on board with this project - it has been great fun being able to pay tribute to the illustrators and designers I love and to continue the legacy of Noel Carrington's influence within the design and publishing world.

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