Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Had a chance over the last week to get to several exhibitions I had been planning to for a while.
'Souzou, Outsider Art from Japan' at the Wellcome Collection, Marcel Dzama 'Puppets, pawns and prophets' at the David Zwirner Gallery, Eric Fraser (1902 - 1983) at the Chris Beetles Gallery and 'Pick Me Up' at Somerset House. All interesting and inspiring in different ways - A few favourites included fellow Brighton graduate Tom Edward's stand of cat related pictures at Pick Me Up, Eric Frasers work for the Radio Times in the 50s/60s, Marcel Dzama's film 'A game of chess', and Norimitsu Kokubo's awe-inspiring imagined landscape at the Wellcome Collection. If you get a chance to pop into any or all of the above - I would recommend it!

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