Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Holiday Heads

Found in Berlin, Vienna, Venice and Verona.

Signs and Vans

Always obstacles.

A word to the wise

Fish eaters, take heed! New screenprint. 25 x 25cm, edition of 25, 3 colours. £36 plus postage. Email me if you are interested: alice@alicepattullo.com. I had been churning out fish themed goods for an event at Museum of London Docklands to celebrate their 10th Birthday this Saturday evening. Sadly, the market which I was to be selling my prints on at the event has been cancelled but it still sounds like an evening full of fun with sea shanties curated by Sam Lee and a celebration of British seafood.

At Last!

Little Toller Books have re-published the wonderful 'Unsophisticated Arts' by Barbara Jones. Readers of this blog will be aware of what a fan of Barbara Jones I am and what an inspiration her work has been on my own practice. I have been searching for an old copy of this for years but to no avail - or otherwise vastly out of my justifiable price range! But now I can finally browse these pages whenever I want instead of endlessly renewing library copies.

'The Unsophisticated Arts' provides a documentation of everyday 'popular' art of Britain during the 1940s including visual and written commentary on fairgrounds, tattoo parlours and river barges alike.
A revision of the original, this copy contains a foreword by Peter Blake and an introduction by Simon Costin as well as previously unpublished ephemera and art from Barbara Jone's studio. I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the post.

If you have never come across this book I urge you to buy a copy and if you are in London don't forget to visit the 'Black Eyes and Lemonade' exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery.
Also have a look at Ruth Guilding's interest post about Barbara Jones on her website: www.thebibleofbritishtaste.co.uk

*images from littletoller.co.uk*

Clerkenwell Design Week

Kathy Shenoy of Shake the Dust will be having a pop-up shop at next week's Clerkenwell Design Week at the Farmiloe Building. She will be showcasing a new collaboration I have been working on with her alongside work by Josie Shenoy and Andrew Berwick, as well as the wonderful woven baskets of 'Gone Rural'. Make sure to pop along if you are in the area!


Some of my illustrations accompany an interesting article about the Worshipful Companies written by Diana Woolf in this month's Selvedge Magazine.


That's not Tim Minchin.


I've made a riso print of my fishes as I seem to have built up a large collection of drawings of them. This print is A4 and printed in a royal blue. It is available for £10 plus postage. Email me if you are interested: alice@alicepattullo.com Sushi, seen below is also available for £10. It is A4 and printed in black. Both are editions of 25.